Pinnacle Condominium

The Pinnacle Condominium including floor plans and pictures

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The Pinnacle

4789 Riverside Drive East, Windsor, Ontario N8Y 5A2


Pinnacle Front



Pinnacle Entertainment  Pinnacle Excercise Pinnacle LobbyPinnacle PoolPinnacle Rear Entrance

Site Plan

Diamond Head Plan-2097 sq. ft.

Mount Washington – 1457 sq. ft.

Mount St. Anne – 1582 sq. ft.

Mount Kilimanjaro – 1520 sq. ft.Pinnacle Entrance

Mount Logan – 1520 sq. ft.

Matterhorn – 1852 sq. ft.

Mount Olympus – 1247 sq. ft.

Mount Rushmore – 1207 sq. ft.

Mount Whistler – 1213 sq. ft.